Call center mistakes that need attention

Calling a call center can be a nightmare for the customer. Long wait times, too many call transfers, and under-trained employees.


Throughout the world and in almost every industry, there are call centers making these simple but very harmful mistakes. The call center needs major attention to survive in our competitive world because if you won’t listen to your clients, your competitors will.


And, if you make mistakes, you are going to suffer a loss. But, do you even know what can be the mistakes of the call center? Keep reading to look at the common customer service mistakes that every call center should avoid.


Call Center Mistakes


#1 Lengthy Hold Period


There is nothing worse for a caller than listening to those words, “We are experiencing longer than normal hold times…” or, “would you mind if I place you on hold while I…” Statements like these are a red flag that the call is going to take longer time than expected.


60% of customers feel that waiting on hold for just one minute is too long.


Although this may not be entirely possible for your company, it is a goal that every call center agent should aim for. Can you adequately fix the caller’s issue while keeping them on the line? If yes, then don’t press that hold button! Try chatting with them while you seek for information.


Hold times should be strictly monitored so they are as low as possible, with an intention to reduce them completely.


#2 Long Call Queues


Customers can become extremely irritated if they wait for a lengthy period of time to begin their first interaction with a call center agent. This can usually result in more unfriendly communications between customers and agents.


75% of people said they were “highly annoyed” when they couldn’t get someone on the phone in a reasonable amount of time.


If you wish to avoid your representatives having to deal with annoyed clients, then make sure you aren’t one of the call centers that keep their consumers waiting for a long time in queues. Businesses must prioritize having a sufficient number of representatives to deal with the expected call volume. You can also adjust work schedules, hence, peak call times are always well-staffed.


67% of customers hang up the phone in frustration when they cannot reach a customer service representative.


#3 Under-trained Representatives


Few situations are more frustrating than calling a business with a query and finding that the agent is unable to handle it. Either the agent transfers your call or puts you on hold while they confirm with their manager about how to reply to your query. Both negatively affect the caller.


It can also create difficulties for all of the other callers who are on hold waiting for an available agent. It is vital to train your agents to manage all customer issues and concerns.




#4 Repeatedly Asking for Information


Another mistake call centers must avoid is to ask customers more than once to give their information. If a caller has been transferred to numerous agents and provides details and repeat information every time, they will become more frustrated with the process. This will also increase call duration, possibly creating long call queues.


When asked what the most frustrating aspect of a customer service experience is, Having to repeat or provide information multiple times: 22%


You can avoid this by investing in call center software systems that keep track of customer data. With systems in place, the entire information about the caller will be immediately available when the caller calls.


#5 Too Many Call Transfers


Finally, callers are extremely annoyed when they are unable to interact with the appropriate person to solve their problem. They are being transferred from one agent to the next in the meantime. Bouncing customers from one representative to another is one of the most frustrating situations clients can experience from call centers.


This problem is further increased when agents don’t interact with each other, making the customer reexplain their issue multiple times. It is a waste of caller’s time and could result in a loss of their business completely.


78% of customers have given up on a transaction because of a negative customer experience.




If you know that your representatives are currently making some of the irritating call center mistakes above, fear not! You now have an understanding of the most common difficulties, and you can deal with them.


By avoiding these common customer difficulties, call centers have the chance to truly improve customer support by developing their customer service skills and implementing the smart call center software.