What We Do

Call Recording

Easily monitor your
phone calls.
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Find the Needle
in the Haystack

Analyze calls and pinpoint focus areas for improvement.
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Train & Coach

Customer service and sales team receive time-tested skills and methods.
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Why Listenforce?

Let's start with a conversation. Every business generates data.  The power of this data comes from knowing what to do with it. That's where Listenforce leverages artificial intelligence to pinpoint opportunities for growth.

Let's find those needles!

Client Experiences

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Listenforce excels at helping organizations measure the level of service. Recording, scoring and holding team members accountable is key. Remember, when it comes to training, you don’t get what you expect, you get what you inspect!

David Friedman
VP Of Sales Telephone Doctor

We were not treating phone calls as valuable as we would a walk-in prior to starting this program. We always trained on sales but the phone was not a priority and we didn’t maximize the value of the potential phone opportunities. Today we work harder to make a strong first impression on the phone and convert that call into an appointment. We are learning more about the caller and scheduling more appointments from the phone today.

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Rich Dalene
Dalene Flooring

Having the calls has really helped us improve performance. I noticed that we say no a lot, that we didn’t seem to value the phone call and convert it into an appointment. It’s hard to say why someone else wouldn’t purchase listenforce package based on the results I’m seeing.

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Tony Wright

About Us

We are located in Silicon Slopes, one of the hottest technology hubs in the US. Our team is dedicated to helping you increase revenue and grow your business. For more than 20 years we have lead the industry and not to brag, but we are really great at what we do.