Customer Success Trends That Leave an Impact

Sometimes, customer success can feel like a complicated task.


So many things to think about. Support Tickets. Cases. Live chats. Rapid responses. Reviews. Phone etiquettes. Growth rate. Churn rate. Customer service training. Sales Coaching. Quality assurance. Etc. Etc. Etc.


It can feel a bit overwhelming. Let’s go back to the basics today and dig into what do your customers expect from you. After all, customer satisfaction is nothing but surpassing customer expectations, right?


Here’s a list of customer success trends or simply, customer expectations, you should be aware of in 2019.


Expectation #1:

Customers are willing to solve their own issues


Customers do not want to wait for answers. They want to find solutions on their own and in real-time.


72% of US online consumers prefer to use a company’s Web site to get answers to their questions. (Source)


With this data, companies need to think beyond the basic live chat and support tickets.

How can you help customers solve their own issues?



Create a knowledge base on your website


This knowledge base on your website also needs to be easily accessible. A knowledge base can save your precious time spent over and over again answering the same basic questions over phone calls and live chats.


Publishing user manuals, how-to-guides, walkthroughs, knowledge base articles, self-serve documentations etc. can help you enrich your product information. When designing this content, keep your purpose at the center, you want to help customers find answers to their questions.


Expectation #2:

Customers don’t want to wait for office hours to find a solution


Let’s just agree, with every new generation, being patient is becoming a rare quality. Here’s a simple proof:


A 1-second delay in load speed will cost you 7% in conversions (Source)


With that being said, a delay in response to a problem that’s disturbing enough to be reported is definitely a big no-no!


What do you do? Make sure customer service and technical support are live 24 x 7? Umm… That’s expensive. Here’s a cheaper solution.



Implement a ChatBot


This trend looks at involving AI-driven chatbots on your website and messaging platforms.


Chatbots can answer questions even in the middle of the night. If programmed properly, with chatbots your customers just have to click through a few buttons to find what they’re looking for. They don’t have to sit and explain their problem or wait for a person to find a solution. With chatbots, they decide how the conversation goes ahead.


Remember, chatbots aren’t here to replace human agents but to aid them to work smarter and more efficiently.


You can add links, videos, PDFs, documents, GIFs, etc. to the conversation flows of your bot to make it fun and help increase the time visitors spend on your website. Giving your bot a real personality can also positively affect customer happiness.


Easy-to-use knowledge base + AI-driven chatbot = Decreased number of support tickets and irate customers!


Expectation #3:

Customers want you to be ubiquitous


And by ubiquitous I mean present and active on all social media and messaging platforms.


Whether a customer tweets about their issue or explains it over Messenger, they expect a quick response. Your customers are using messaging platforms like Whatsapp (1 Billion daily active users and 55 Billion messages sent per day) and Messenger (1.3 Billion active users) on a daily basis. It is their means of communication and you need to be there.



Merge customer support and social media response team


48% of consumers expect a response to social media questions and complaints within 24 hours. (statista)


So, if either your customer support team isn’t present on social media or your social media response team cannot answer basic customer support questions, then you need to act quick! Customers can ask you questions anywhere, anytime and you need to be there. Here are some more statistics that explain the role of digital media in customer support.


Supporting this trend further, Apple launched Apple Business Chat back in 2018 that empowers companies to connect with customers on a much more personal level.

Plus, WhatsApp for Business is a dedicated version for SMBs that allows you to manage customer interactions on a smaller scale.


Expectation #4:

Customers prefer video content over text


A video is worth 1.8 million words/min. Here’s how:

customer success

(Source: Convirza)


It’s no secret that the value of video in content marketing is on the rise. And, it’s not to be taken casually. Hence, more companies are shifting from text content to small interactive videos.



Obviously, create more videos!


Creating videos can be an intimidating task but remember, your video content doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be unique and insightful. You can choose from a variety of marketing video types: here’s a list.


And if you don’t have a budget for creating videos, here’s a free option: Live streaming! It doesn’t require a specific platform or any skilled resources. And video streaming makes up 58% of internet usage worldwide. Here are some benefits of live streaming that will encourage you to pick up your phone and go live the next time something exciting is happening around you!


Ending Thoughts


Customer service today is way more than just reading scripted responses and being polite over the phone. There’s a reason customer service teams today are more commonly being called “customer success” or “customer happiness” teams.

Customer success trends are nothing but customer expectations that are satisfied beyond expectations! Your company’s customer success story will be an anecdote of how you found solutions to your customer expectations. We tried to help by providing some easy and not-so-heavy-on-the-pockets solutions. We would love to hear how you dedicate time and resources to keep your customers happy. Best of luck!

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