Our data-driven training programs provide tangible value to participants. We identify key steps that need to happen on every call because ultimately, every phone call is an opportunity to wow customers and build loyalty.

Listenforce gets you in touch with your customers through our phone call recordings and monitoring. We track the most critical sales and service skills using speech analytics plus we partner with you to improve each customer’s sales experience.

See Results.  Close More Business.  Listenforce.


Here is how our customers rate their Listenforce training:

Improved Employee Morale 90%
Extremely Satisfied with Training Program 92%
Extremely Satisfied with Trainer 98%
Improved Customer Satisfaction 97%

Our Mission

Listenforce brings you tangible and actionable analytics to give you more leads and close more business.

Our Philosophy

Listenforce breathes creativity into your sales and marketing processes so “missed opportunity” is no longer in your vocabulary.

Who We Are

We know you don’t trust just anyone with your business. That’s why Listenforce brings you the sales and marketing expertise to not only reach your goals, but exceed them.

What We Do

Listenforce combines call analytics with individualized training for optimal customer service and sales performance creating a winning culture.

The Listenforce Difference

Customer service training and good communication skills light the way for customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

With over 20 years of experience in the customer service phone skills training industry, you can be confident that Listenforce Training will make a difference for your company.

When it comes to telecommunications, anyone answering the phone is the voice of your company. Every phone call is an opportunity to wow customers and to build loyalty.

Our live training and webinars are designed to provide quick value to participants. After scoring millions of phone calls, we know the key components of a successful call. Your phone reps and employees can learn to foster better customer interactions and loyalty.

  • Data driven
  • Real customer calls
  • Hear and fell what needs to be improved
  • Bottom line – more sales and greater ability to retain customers!