Let’s be honest, closing the sale can be tougher than it seems. Often sales reps think they nailed a sales meeting, only to find out later that they didn’t close the sale. They fail to persuade their prospects or use the right sales closing techniques. Closing a sale allows no middle ground between success and failure. You either get the money, or you don’t!

If you’re tired of facing rejection as a salesperson and missing the sale, it’s time to change your game plan, and we’ve got just the thing to help. We have compiled expert tips and added an extra spice of authenticity from our own experienced sales reps. Here are five expert tips on how to ask for the sale.

Expert Tips: Closing the Sale

Expert Tip #1: Direct Attention to Prospect’s Challenges

Salespeople tend to talk about their product or service instead of asking about the prospect’s challenges or issues. This is a common mistake. Despite being warned about this mistake in training programs, salespeople fail to recognize when they focus on the product or service they are offering and not what the prospect needs.  

The urge to talk about what you don and sell natural. But frankly, your prospect is just not interested. All he/she cares about is his/her needs and if you will provide a better solution than your competition. It is imperative that you don’t just focus on your products or services but you are compassionate about the obstacles your prospect faces daily. Weave your words in such a way that the prospect constantly remains the focal point. Then you can cater for product and serve to the customer need.

A simple ‘How may I help you today?’ or ‘Which are the issues may I take care of for you?’ will go miles in planting the thought in your prospect’s mind that you care and you can provide a solution that fits for them.


Expert Tip #2: Develop a Sense of Trust

Your words or sales pitch builds a relationship with the prospect. You must build confidence with the customer. Relationships are built on trust. And that trust drives revenue. It’s that simple.

Using powerfully convincing words, data to back your claims, applicable facts while showcasing the efficiency of a feature and subtly presenting testimonials are all a step closer to a relationship of trust, and closer to the sale. Identify what your prospect easily depends on- a graph? Facts? Testimonials? Proofs? And then use that as your preferred promotional tool.


Expert Tip #3: Care about the Customer

When you understand their business challenges and you cater a solution for them, you are showing the customer you care. But, also tell them you care. Asking questions like, ‘Does what I am offering you solve your problem? What more can I do?’ show the customer that providing value is your top priority in closing the sale. Identify the prospect’s needs and what makes them feel confident. Put them first and you are good to go!


Expert Tip #4: Keep it Simple and Honest

Maintain a simple but honest approach. Be straightforward and truthful about the product and service you offer. Exaggerating or misrepresenting is never good business and will not help you close the sale. Every customer is different, what you say to every prospect should also be different, but your integrity never changes.


Expert Tip #5: Offer an Expiring Discount

In some cases, you have to create a sense of urgency to pull your prospect out of his/her indecision. Try offering a discount that will expire within a week or is valid only if immediately accepted.

Many customers ask for discounts or add-ons right before they are close the sale. When reasonable give them what they are asking for in return for closing the sale immediately,  or an annual commitment, or an incentive that is beneficial for your policies. Everyone loves a good deal. Immediately accepting their request for added incentive may surprise them and they will know their best option is to close the sale.

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