connect with your caller

People call your company for many reasons.


Sometimes they call because they saw an advertisement or they have questions and company websites don’t have the answers. People also call because they need help. Often people dial your number because they are ready to buy. Regardless of the reasons, as humans we are wired to interact with other humans. People call to connect with other people. When individuals call to connect, it’s your turn and opportunity to connect as well.


57% of People CALL a business because they want to talk with a real PERSON (Martech)


And phone calls are the best leads. Here’s why.


CSRs and company employees connect with callers is many different ways. The four crucial areas are:



  • Answer the phone with a friendly greeting
  • Give your name and the company name
  • Use an enthusiastic tone
  • Say “thank you” and “please”
  • Be professional
  • Avoid slang language


This blog will help you understand why you need phone etiquette.




  • Ask for the caller’s name
  • Try “whom am I speaking with?”
  • Use the caller’s name periodically




  • Ask for the caller’s phone number
  • Say something like, “can I get your phone number?”






74% of CONVERTED CALLS are answered by employees who take ownership


Recently, Listenforce developed its own Artificial Intelligence software. Listenforce

AI found that if you plan to have a successful call taking ownership is imperative. In fact, ownership language was used 74% more often in converted calls than non-converted calls.


Since implementing artificial intelligence, we have scored and statistically evaluated over a million phone calls. In many cases, the data confirmed our beliefs, and in some cases, we were blown away by the results. The culmination of experience and research has led to the development of the CLARC Skills.


In this blog, we talked only about ‘C’: Connect with Your Caller.


Our ebook: Guide to Better Calls talks about all the CLARC skills. To know more about CLARC skills, make sure you download the ebook today!