In the last blog, it was Tony who was unhappy about being a customer service representative. Today it’s his boss who is feeling downtrodden.


A reminder about what Shep Hyken has been preaching for years might give him the necessary push:

Customer service training cannot be accomplished in a day or two. It is an on-going process. The market keeps changing, new trends arise every day, your product develops, your customer needs shift and in some cases even your customers change. All these factors are a solid reasons to repeat and add to your customer service training on a regular basis. According to a Gartner survey, 89% of businesses expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience, versus 36% of companies a few years ago. Hence, it is safe to conclude that remarkable customer service is a competitive advantage. And the best way to achieve this advantage is through customer service training.


We have already seen the top 5 benefits of customer service skills. Today, we will get even more granular about customer service training.


#1 Shift Focus from Money to Customer Experience


It is only human to feel that making money is a priority. Plus, there is a fine line between being ambitious and falling prey to corporate greed. With the growing competition, it is highly possible that your sales reps have started looking for ways to extract more money from your customers.


But you probably already know taking advantage of your customers is a harmful practice. It delivers short-lived profits and long-term damages to your company as a brand.


Customer service training sessions can act as a reminder that customers need to be treated like family. This is a customer-first world!

#2 Reinforces the Company Culture


Traditions Training at Disney is the very first experience for a Disney employee regardless of what they’re hired to do. Disney is well known for their customer-friendly company culture and it all begins with Traditions Training. At training that they learn about the basics of a genuinely customer-focused Disney philosophy. Corporate traditions designed by Walt himself are passed on to the newest hires. These traditions include even basics like picking up stray pieces of trash on the ground. It is an essential skill that goes all the way back to Walt. The man behind the mouse was known to pick up litter in the streets of Disneyland to keep up the flawless appearance of his park. Naturally, employees are expected to follow suit.


If you, your boss or your boss’s boss did something exceptional for the business, a customer service training program is a great way to pass on this wisdom. Sharing each other’s experiences and challenges will highly boost your team’s morale and motivate them to do better. This is a benefit no company with a long-term vision can ignore.

#3 Builds Inter-Departmental Bonds


For a unified customer experience, it is necessary that all the departments are on the same page. It is also important that every department is up-to-date with customer statistics and data.


Customer service is the department that constantly communicates with customers, and learns about their problems, interests, and needs. While training your representatives pay close attention to a customer’s needs and feedback, also train them to effectively communicate these points to other departments. The feedback from customers can provide new content ideas, help sales focus on the pain-points, and the dev team to enhance the product.


In short, training one department to care can benefit all the departments to grow.

Happy, delighted customers are your very best bet for generating new business. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising money cannot buy. So, customer service teams need to deliver beyond your customers’ already high expectations. Exceeding expectations is rarely an accident. It requires training and effort. Albert Einstein said:

Keep learning! And continue providing opportunities for your team to learn more.