Why Call Performance Matters 2

Why Does Call Performance Matter

Marketing and advertising is a significant chunk of most business budgets. Companies typically spend 5-15% of revenue on marketing and advertising. This means a company that grosses $1 million a year spends about $100,000 on marketing to establish brand awareness and generate leads. A $100 million company spends around $10 million a year. And too often, the first personal interaction a lead or customer has with a company is over the phone with untrained staff. The first impression will either reinforce your brand or ruin all the hard work and money spent on building and promoting your business.


Why Call Performance Matters

This means that the outcome of all marketing efforts and expenditures are left in the hands of customer service reps (CSR), inside sales reps (ISR), and switchboard staff or auto attendants.

The typical cost to generate a phone call ranges from $25 to $185 per call, depending on your industry. The average potential sale ranges from $350 in auto repair and lodging to an average call value of $2,200 in the HVAC industry. Auto sales are huge ticket items with average purchase prices of $35,000. Customers in the heavy equipment sales and industrial solutions spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. And much of it hinges on that first phone call. Don’t waste this opportunity. Do what it takes to get the business you’ve already worked so hard and paid so much to earn.

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