qualities of a good trainer

Sales representatives are successful when they begin a relationship and ultimately develop a long-term partnership that includes sales and success. For a sales team, achieving more and more sales is not a piece of cake. It undoubtedly requires well-defined guidance and training. And a mentor with the qualities of a good trainer.


Sales training is crucial to a company’s success, and it’s an excellent tool for developing the full potential of every salesperson.


qualities of a good trainer


When it comes to delivering an efficient sales training program, the characteristics of a good trainer can make all the difference. So, what makes a good sales trainer?


Every trainer has a different background, personality, and method of training. However, there are some common qualities that successful trainers have. Here are a few of them:


Qualities of a Good Trainer


#1 Encourages Engagement


Turning training into a two-way path (rather than a one-man play) is at the heart of what makes a good trainer. Training is most effective when participants are involved and engaged with the learning.


For great training, learners need opportunities to share their thoughts, clarify questions, and repeat what they’ve learned. The traditional lecture method isn’t helpful for achieving meaningful learning, even if the trainer is excellent.


A good sales trainer encourages learners to ask queries, get involved in activities, and be engaged in their learning rather than quietly listening to the material.



#2 Passionate About Learning


The most successful sales trainers crave knowledge and growth because it ultimately makes the training sessions they give more effective. They are willing to spend time learning about the:


  • Audiences they are delivering services to aka target audience
  • Company’s product and services
  • Long-term goals and sales strategy
  • Company’s marketing challenges
  • Latest selling trends


This approach to learning ensures the representatives will have a meaningful and transformative experience in the classroom.


#3 Excellent Communication Skills


As communication is a necessary part of a sales trainer’s role, successful trainers actually love communicating.


With their exceptional communication skills, they are able to:


  • Cut down complicated theories and explain them clearly to trainees
  • Understand when and how to ask questions
  • Pick up non-verbal communication
  • Create a warm and pleasant environment which engages trainees to ask questions


#4 Gives Regular Feedback


Trainers usually provide agents with feedback on their performance so everyone understands exactly where they stand at all times. But, it is not just always giving negative feedback and criticism. Best managers give plenty of positive feedbacks too.


Provide feedback on the expected timelines. It’ll make you a more active sales manager because you’ll be able to:


  • Spot problems before they become serious
  • Develop a closer bond between you and your team members


#5 Keep Sales People Motivated


Working in a high-pressure atmosphere can reduce the confidence of the sales team. Employers must find different methods to motivate the sales team.


Sales trainers assume that high pay and benefits plan is sufficient to motivate their sellers, but that’s simply not true. People are motivated by numerous factors (not always money!), and it’s the sales trainer’s responsibility to find what that is from a seller to seller.


#6 Individualize Their Approach


The best sales trainers get to know each seller they manage and are able to individualize their program to each individual person on their team. 


Good managers know each person’s strengths and weaknesses and create customized training plans for each sales representative. They know what excites each individual, what their particular goals are, and how they like to acquire information.


Wrap Up


Sales training is a difficult job, but it’s extremely important. Trainers who invest their time in adapting these qualities are bound to view their course evaluations as stepping stones.


If you wish to get the most from your sellers in sales, inculcate and improve these six qualities. Ask yourself how you’re performing in each area. Do them appropriately, and you’ll notice the results in your top line.

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