In less than two weeks, one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters will be released. We are counting down the days until Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom hits the theatres. We are also binge-watching its predecessor, the film that first introduced us to these prehistoric predators twenty-five years ago.  The scene “Welcome to Jurassic Park,” and the musical score that accompanies it is among one of our favorite moments in cinema history.

Lately, we see things through a bit of a prehistoric lens and have found ourselves comparing the world of Jurassic Park to the world of business.

As a company, we most identify with the character Ian Malcolm. He is the chaos theory expert who predicts what could go wrong with the park. Malcolm saw the new enterprise as an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, those who were hunted by the ingenious raptors and bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus Rex learned the hard way the grave consequences of not listening.

Dinosaurs will never pursue us, but business competitors will. Thus, we need to listen to experts and listen to warning signs.

How do managers know what to look for? What problems are lurking and can they recognize them before it’s too late?  Trying to outrun chaos may work on the big screen, but the real solution is to avoid it entirely before it directly affects your revenue.

*Cue dramatic music and our entrance –Listenforce!

At Listenforce we listen, and we listen well. For more than 20 years, we have listened to businesses interact with their customers. We have seen the chaos that ensues when this interaction isn’t done correctly.  Spoiler alert: it means a massive loss in revenue.

How Data-Driven Training Works

One of the most effective, clear-cut methods for understanding your employees and customers is to listen to phone calls.

It’s not realistic to expect managers to listen to every single recorded phone call between their employees and their customers. Instead, our comprehensive reports provide all the vital call performance detail that users find INVALUABLE.

In addition, Listenforce has dozens of indicators proven to determine phone call effectiveness. Every single call recording is quickly evaluated and scored. The data from these reports is used to personalize the online data-driven training for each employee. Programs are tailored to focus on the specific skills employees need to improve. Employees learn to Connect, Listen, Recommend, and Close. We’re confident Ian Malcolm would approve.

The CLARC skills and concepts taught in our e-training are proven methods. They assist companies to close more sales by taking care of the customers and exceeding their expectations. The implementation of this data-driven training program will trigger a cultural shift throughout the organization. Our goal is to shape and mold the customer’s perception of who your company is. Sales reps will learn talking points to create win-win situations with the customers by using our simple approach.

Before we roll to the credits, know this: the more they learn, the more they sell! People will want to buy from your reps.

Don’t just survive in your business but thrive. See the improvements that data-driven training can do for you. Listenforce guarantees data-driven results so don’t just walk to the phone call us. RUUUUUUUUN!