What is the Train the Trainer Program?

Listenforce Train the Trainer program is a measurement and accountability program for your sales team. It’s designed to help your company cultivate an attitude of constant improvement into your sales culture and facilitate increased closed-call-ratios.

We listen to individual recorded calls, track statistical sales performance data from those calls, and then focus on areas for improvement utilizing a proven one-on-one coaching curriculum. The method allows for an effective and systematic approach for increasing sales results company-wide.

The coaching component is a vital piece of the overall program. One-on-one coaching, as applied in this program, creates a partnership between our managers and you to ensure a mutual understanding and application of essential skills needed for constant improvement and increased sales results.

The Ultimate Goal of Training

Ultimately, the goal of training is help you develop internal and external structures to achieve success; facilitate skills competency; and remove blocks that prevent their achieving valuable and sustainable changes.

Trainers encourage individuals to expand their perception of what is possible. They work to develop the necessary skills, attitudes, and knowledge that help develop action plans to meet goals.

Why You Need Trainer?

Successful athletes have training that provide constant feedback. The Train the Trainer Program is designed to hold teams accountable to a culture of excellence and to serve as a tool that enables and supports a coaching relationship between managers and their representative. We’re much like a sideline coach, only nicer.

Setting a goal to constantly improvement is one thing. Deciding how you will go about achieving that goal and sticking to the plan is a critical step in the process of being successful. The step-by-step details for accomplishing this critical process are outlined in the Sales Mentor Coach-the-Coach Program. Our proven 10-step coaching formula is designed to coach you as managers to effectively use the sales mentoring process to, in turn, train your teams.

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