Improving Sales Performance

Sales performance

Is there scope for your sales people to sell more?
If you’d like your teams to be able to sell a customer another product or service, increase their average order value or grow their lifetime value, then come and talk to us at Listenforce..

Sales transformation
We have a thirty-year track record of working with sales teams to change their selling behaviour to be able to do all these.We use a blended approach of classroom training, E-learning and workplace coaching – through our coaching program Listenforce – to transform the way your team works, giving them the skills, attitude, and behaviours they need to succeed.

Delivering results
In terms of results, it varies from business to business, but we see performance improvement across a wide range of metrics:

  • Improve the onboarding program for your new sales executives
  • Develop the sales skills of your front line teams
  • Fine-tune your approach to account management and development
  • Enhance the coaching skills of your sales managers
  • Improve the selling skills for employees in functions other than sales
  • Ensure a consistent approach to sales in different markets or countries

Please have a look at our case studies to see more detail of the results we have delivered for different clients.

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