Customer Services Coaching

Customer Services Coaching

Equip your customer services managers and supervisory staff with the skills to coach and develop their direct reports. Good workplace coaching can lead to increased employee engagement, lower turnover, improved customer experience and increased customer satisfaction.

The challenges facing customer services managers
In today’s busy service environment, front line managers and supervisors require a broad skill set to achieve their targets. When questioned, they often respond that they:

  • Feel ill-equipped to effectively manage their teams
  • Struggle with retaining and developing high fliers effectively
  • Lack coaching skills

So how to improve customer service performance?
Why not talk to us about developing a customized coaching program to develop your customer services managers and supervisory staff? Whilst we always tailor our approach to your unique requirements, our program would develop the coaching skills of your front line managers so they can:

  • Get agreement from each individual about what is expected and the standards that employees must obtain
  • Identify and overcome the behavioral and attitudinal blocks to performance
  • Bridge skills and knowledge gaps
  • Learn and practise effective workplace coaching

Embed performance improvement
Our Listenforce program is a practical workplace coaching program that focuses on enabling your managers to become effective performance coaches using specific coaching skills to deliver great results and ongoing growth for your business. As part of our Listenforce program, we will have three individual feedback sessions with these front line managers over a period of three months to ensure that they are confident in using their new skills and that coaching is embedded in the culture of the organization.

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