Sales Train The Trainer

Sales Train the Trainer

Many companies want an internal resource to train their sales teams but need some support in developing customized train the trainer programs to assist in-house trainers plan, develop and deliver sales training programs confidently and effectively for short-term and long-lasting success.  Listenforce fills this gap, provides information and training for your trainers. We give you the skills you need to succeed and hand off the baton for the anchor leg of the race.

Challenges facing in-house trainers
Internal trainers need to be able to:

  • Understand how to develop skills internally
  • Know how to plan courses that work
  • Support trainees while they learn and practise their skills
  • Adapt training styles
  • Deliver programs that generate a measurable improvement in performance

Our Sales Train the Trainer Programs
Listenforce’s customized approach considers the nature of your business, context and the desired changes in behaviour of your sales teams. We then help your trainers to develop skills to:

  • Identify the training requirements of your business
  • Gain commitment for workplace training
  • Design an effective training program
  • Understand how to prepare a lesson plan and write an effective training program
  • Deliver effective training
  • Practise delivery styles and develop effective behaviours as a train-the-trainer

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